It's no secret that your thermostat is a huge contributor to energy efficiency. For efficient climate control In Tampa Bay, request a thermostat repair or replacement today!

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A thermostat might seem like the smallest part of your heating and cooling system. However, it's the most important one. It plays a major role in keeping the temperature in your house or office comfortable. Without it, you would not be able to control your air conditioner.

At Comfort Air Heating and Cooling, we understand that it can be scary if your thermostat breaks or malfunctions. Your home or office will become too cold or too hot. Either way, it's not comfortable and it will increase your electricity bill. That's why when it comes to thermostat repair and replacement services, you can count on us.

Comfort Air has been servicing Tampa and the neighboring areas for more than 25 years. That means we are experts at what we do. If you're not sure what kind of thermostat you need, we offer free inspections so that we can provide you with solutions that are right for your home or office. Our skilled technicians will make sure that your thermostat keeps you comfortable and in control of your indoor temperature.
Tampa Bay Thermostat Replacement

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If something is wrong with the air conditioning or heating, most people assume that the issue is on the unit itself. The last place they think to check is the thermostat. However, if your A/C or heater is not turning on, or seems to be out of your control, it could be because the thermostat fails to communicate with the rest of your system.
Tampa Bay Thermostat Replacement
There could be a lot of reasons why your thermostat is not connecting with your A/C or heater. The most common reasons would be:
  • It's dirty;
  • It's old or broken;
  • It's tilted;
  • It was installed incorrectly;
  • It needs batteries; or, 
  • It's under direct sunlight or close to any heat sources.

Regardless of the cause, Comfort Air Heating and Cooling can repair your thermostat for you, giving you back control of the temperature in your home or office.


Most people are used to handling a manual thermostat for controlling the temperature in their homes or business. It's an ideal home thermostat if you're always away. However, manual thermostats are not as efficient or cost-effective as modern ones. So if you're still using them, here's a rundown of what you're missing out on:

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is the closest thing to a manual thermostat when it comes to input. The significant difference is that you can pre-program it to turn on or off or adjust the temperature at specific times. It's great if you want different indoor temperatures between nights and days. Or if you leave the house on certain days but you want it to stay at a comfortable level without spiking your electricity bill.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat is also a programmable thermostat. However, you can access it anywhere via the internet using your smartphone or computer. It's a great option if you want full control over your cooling or heating systems even if you're away. There's no more "mini heart attack" if you forget to turn off the air conditioner while you're heading to the office. Or if you want to start making your house comfortable while you're on your way home, you can do that too with a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great leap from the manual thermostats. Like the Wi-Fi thermostat, you can also control it remotely via the internet. It's ideal for tech-savvy households as it can learn your living habits if you connect it with other home automation tools like Alexa or Google Home. Once it connects, it can automatically set the temperature accordingly. Although it might come with a hefty price, your savings on heating and cooling expenses will eventually cover the cost of purchasing a smart thermostat.


If you're not sure which thermostat model is best for you and your air conditioning or heating system, our experts at Comfort Air can help you. We offer FREE INSPECTIONS so we can advise you better on where to place your thermostat and which one is best considering your budget and needs. Our honest and professional technicians have been servicing Tampa and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. You can trust us to get your thermostat installation or repair done swiftly and properly.



Choosing an air conditioner can be a daunting task. You have to consider the price, brand, model, performance, and more. At Comfort Air, our skilled experts will help you decide which air conditioner is best for your personal needs while considering your budget.

Maintenance & Tune-up

If you want your air conditioner to last longer, regular maintenance and tune-ups are essential. Comfort Air provides this service not only to increase the lifespan of your systems but also to help in lowering your cooling costs and keeping your air quality good.


Rain or shine, day or night, Comfort Air will be there whenever you need your A/C units fixed. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs, anywhere in Tampa and surrounding areas. You can trust our team to make sure that your air conditioners get repaired quickly and properly.


Whether you need to repair or replace your thermostat, Comfort Air can provide professional service fast. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the issue with your thermostat and recommend the best solutions that will suit you without compromising your finances.

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